Winter Wonderland 2013

The bush on the side of my house is weighed down by the heavy snow.

Most of the East coast received lots of snow Friday into Saturday morning, I am located in Upstate, NY So we have seen more snow in the last 24 hours than we have all winter long. The hubby and kids decided to make the best out of the snow and build a igloo.
Hubby starting the igloo
I prefer to stay in where it is warm I have never been one to like snow ever since the days of walking to school in it. But it is fun to watch the kids and hubby have fun. They just started so I can't wait to see the finished igloo. I guess I will make them a warm cup of hot chocolate and pudding so they can warm up when they come in. I hope all of you who have received this large amount of snow stay safe and warm.
Our street Filled with snow


WEEK OF 2/3-2/9

* I make no Guarantee that these prices are valid, these were the sale/prices I seen when I visited their website.

Best Buy-
Toshiba - Ultrabook 14.4" Laptop - 6GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive + 32GB Solid State Drive - Midnight Silver Aluminum $599.99

 RCA 46" Class LCD 1080p 60Hz HDTV-Online $378.00

Kohls has a home sale this week and $10 kohls cash this week for every $50 spent through Feb 9th


Disney Princess Giveaway

 Disclaimer: These items were not provided to me, I purchased them myself for the purpose of this giveaway.

Being a mom to 2 little girls has been fun. I grew up on Disney and now so have my girls. I decided to hold a giveaway for a Disney Princess Royal Tresses set. One of my lucky readers is going to win a this set to give to the little girl in their life. The set includes 2 hair clips, comb, Hairbrush, mirror(it sticks to your tub wall), tiara, shampoo & conditioner. How awesome is that?

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 Terms & Conditions: 18 years old and older, Sorry US Only.
Winner will be randomly selected Feb. 13th 2013


Calorie Counting Week (02/3-02-9)

This week has been a bad week for calorie counting I just got over having the stomach bug so I didn't count my calories let alone eat much at all. Hopefully next week I can get back into the groove of things and get back to where I started plus start my exercise routine also. I think I may be a bit anemic because I have very little energy so I will have to ask my doctor to check for that and if so start a iron supplement. I am down 2 pounds this week which I believe is due to that fact I barely ate anything all week. Happy Calorie counting to all!


Valentine's Day Giveaway

Valentine's day is around the corner and love is in the air. Valentines day is one of my favorite "holidays", so I decided to have a Valentines day giveaway. Enter to win these wonderful Valentines day gifts to keep for yourself or to give to that special someone in your life!

Disclaimer: These items were not provided to me, I purchased them myself for the purpose of this giveaway.

So What are you entering For? (All items are pictured above)
  • Monkey Valentines Day Glitter Globe With Red Gift Box
  • Andes Creme De Menthe Thins
  • Chocolate rose
  • Milk Chocolate Valentines Heart
  • Box of Valentine Dots(cherry,vanilla, passion fruit flavored)
  • N.Y.C Nail Glossies Duo
  • N.Y.C Blushing Cream Stick (urban spice color)
  • N.Y.C Mosaic Eye Powder 
  • L.A Colors Mascara and Eye pencil kit (brown)

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Winner will be randomly selected Feb. 9th 2013


iphone 4 users-Here is some need to know info

Today I put my iPhone 4 in my coat pocket I knew I had 60% battery left on it, about a half hour later I took it out to call my hubby and it would not "work", black screen no power what so ever. I tried to turn it on thinking maybe it powered off and that did not work, I tried holding and pushing any button I could to get it to turn back on. I was not home, and so I went home and googled my issue, I thought well there goes this phone, I thought it crapped out on me. I was WRONG! If this ever happens to you its most likely locked or what ever they call it. I had to plug the phone into my charger and hold the home button and power button at the same time it took a second or two while holding the buttons and my apple icon came on the screen. It was not broke, it somehow locked when I put it in my coat pocket. I can't tell ya how relieved I am to know that now. So please at least see if this is your issue before giving up thinking your phone is broke, like I almost did. I am glad I found this info because I did think it broke.


Review-Canvas Press 

I received a 16X20 Canvas from another blog giveaway that I won. I wanted to write a review because I really liked the canvas and service I received. First I was emailed the code from canvas press very quickly so I could order my canvas. I tried to use the code and for some reason it wouldn't work, but I emailed Canvas press about my issue and received a prompt response with a resolution to my problem.

Dealing with Children that have emotional issues

 I am a mom to 5 children ages range from 5-12, I have 3 boys and 2 girls, I had my first son when I was only 17 years old. Not knowing how to be a parent of a child when I was a child myself  I look back and see a lot of mistakes I made. But without beating myself up about the mistakes I made I came to realize quickly that I was capable of fixing most of the mistakes I made the more mature I got. I matured fairly quickly because I was now a mom but it took a lot of help. I didn't realize until my son's first year of school that he needed extra help. My son is now 12 years old and had his ups and down at home and in school because he has ADHD. I really dislike labeling him and my other children because I feel like the school system and doctors like to label kids more and more, he is my son not a label!. I do though realize that  in order for them to get the extra help they need to conquer their issue(s) they will have to be "labeled". I am the type of parent that


TENACITY GENE By D.Michael Battey ~Review and Giveaway~

      The novel is about two military commanders that must do everything in their power to restore Order, Salvation and Hope after a mutated, aggressive virus is unleashed on the world... before all life ends forever.

     I have to be honest I was never a Sci-Fi fan until I met my husband, being together for 12 years his hobbies and interests grew on me. He really loves anything that is Sci-Fi Genre. I was sent the book called Tenacity Gene By D. Micheal Battey to review. I usually read before bed, its kinda been my forte for years. I started to read the book real late the same day I received it. I started with the Prologue, this is where author D. Micheal Battey introduces the main characters of the novel along with showing how obsessive-compulsive they are. I ended up getting half way through Chapter 3 before my eyes became extremely heavy since it was really late at night, but I will be honest I was quite upset I waited until that time of night to start reading the novel, I felt addicted and wanting to read more. As I was reading I can fully imagine the events from the book in my imagination. Its now my go to book when I want to read and I have to say if you get the chance to read this book it will have you wanting to read more.

Tenacity Gene is on sale now at Amazon
The kindle version is on sale for $3.99
The Hardcover is on sale for  $21.55 
The Paperback is on sale for  $14.78
The Novel is also on sale at BARNES & NOBLE  


Author D. Michael Battey is generously giving away a signed copy of TENACITY GENE to one of our readers.

                                        About the Author

 D.Michael Battey is a former United States Navy Nuclear engineer who served during the Vietnam conflict.
After attending Palmer College of Chiropractic, he managed a private practice in Florida for nearly thirty years. Now semiretired, he resides and works in Orlando,Florida, where he loves spoiling his miniature pinscher, Lula.

Tenacity Gene Facebook Page

Tenacity Gene Goodreads Page

The Product(s) in this review were provided to me, free of cost for the purpose of conducting an honest review and hosting a giveaway. All opinions in the review are all mine and were not influenced by monetary compensation.

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 Giveaway starts 1/12/13 @12am EST and ends on 1/23/13 @12am EST, US residents only 18 years old and older.


HOT DEALS 1/6-1/15

Kmart- RCA  42" class Plasma HDTV Sale $298.00  Reg Price: $449.99 Savings: $151.99

Calorie Counting Week 1 (01/7- 01/13)

My New Years resolution, to lose another 80 pounds this year, last year I lost 120 pounds and gained back approx. 30 pounds (around the holidays).Okay so back to lowering my calories, I lowered them to 1400 calories, this is a good start for my weight and activity level. So Monday 1/07/13 (wow that date looks weird) I started eating healthy.. Okay I might of binged a few lonely cold hungry nights but believe me I will get use to it, I have done it before. Anyway my gastrointestinal tract is gurgling and yelling at me because I have been eating more fiber than I have in a long time,and its "trying" to get use to this quick change, and it will it just takes time to adjust.


Homemade Baked Mac and Cheese

Okay no matter what get together I have everyone I know request that I make my homemade mac and cheese, its always a hit at any get together I have so I am going to share my recipe I created myself with my readers.

This makes approximately 2 pounds of Baked Mac and Cheese, I usually make that much or more depending on the size of the get together. You can alter the ingredients if you like to make more or less.