iphone 4 users-Here is some need to know info

Today I put my iPhone 4 in my coat pocket I knew I had 60% battery left on it, about a half hour later I took it out to call my hubby and it would not "work", black screen no power what so ever. I tried to turn it on thinking maybe it powered off and that did not work, I tried holding and pushing any button I could to get it to turn back on. I was not home, and so I went home and googled my issue, I thought well there goes this phone, I thought it crapped out on me. I was WRONG! If this ever happens to you its most likely locked or what ever they call it. I had to plug the phone into my charger and hold the home button and power button at the same time it took a second or two while holding the buttons and my apple icon came on the screen. It was not broke, it somehow locked when I put it in my coat pocket. I can't tell ya how relieved I am to know that now. So please at least see if this is your issue before giving up thinking your phone is broke, like I almost did. I am glad I found this info because I did think it broke.

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