Calorie Counting Week 1 (01/7- 01/13)

My New Years resolution, to lose another 80 pounds this year, last year I lost 120 pounds and gained back approx. 30 pounds (around the holidays).Okay so back to lowering my calories, I lowered them to 1400 calories, this is a good start for my weight and activity level. So Monday 1/07/13 (wow that date looks weird) I started eating healthy.. Okay I might of binged a few lonely cold hungry nights but believe me I will get use to it, I have done it before. Anyway my gastrointestinal tract is gurgling and yelling at me because I have been eating more fiber than I have in a long time,and its "trying" to get use to this quick change, and it will it just takes time to adjust.

  I am not hungry at all, I feel like I have eaten at a buffet all week long! No, don't worry I haven't, it's just that now that I am counting my calories I seem to eat more because I am eating lower calorie foods so because of that I get to eat more! Like for example this morning I had a breakfast wrap made with 1 cup of egg substitute(Thats a lot), 1 slice of American cheese, 1 light flat out wrap,2 slices of turkey bacon and a large banana, and a cup of coffee.... the wrap was HUGE! Total calories 430.. If I ate 2 regular eggs with cheese, 2 slices of regular bacon, a corn tortilla and banana it would be well over 700 calories! So I get to eat more when I make healthier choices. I stepped on the scale and I lost 5 pounds already... NOT! I know its most likely water weight as you have to have a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound and that may or may not happen every week, only time will tell!
  So Lets begin this Journey together, if you want you can post here on your progress and we can do this together.... One more thing before I go I have found that I could not even do this without My Fitness Pal its a website for the computer and app for your phone(iphone or android) where you can log what you ate for the day and it helps keep track of yourfood/ calories for you and also its not just a place to log/keep track of calories its also a community of people doing the same thing I am. It has a gallery and forum, ask and read any question you have. If interested here is my profile linkMy Fitness Pal Link add me as a friend and we can do this together!

Happy Weight loss,
~Tanya <3

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