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 What would make me a good reviewer? Well I am a mom to 5 children so we use lots of products around here daily, My children's ages range from 5 years old to 12 years old and I also have a 17 year old step son who lives with us. I have 4 boys and 2 girls, I would enjoy the opportunity to review your product and share my review with my followers and friends.  Feel free to look around my blog, and if you need any more information,please feel free to email me. I do have a few regulations that I abide by when I am considering a review on my blog. Most you have probably heard before and would agree to easily.

I only review full size items, samples will not be reviewed because I need to give my honest opinion. Also all items must be mine to keep as a form of payment for the review on my blog unless otherwise paid for with money.

  All reviews/giveaways without a product to review will result in a fee for my time and space. Reviews Without a product for me to keep is subjected to a $30 fee. Please give me at least two weeks to have the review posted on my blog, Each post is also tweeted on Twitter and posted to both of my Facebook pages (personal and blog page) and all other pages listed in the stats section below. If you send me a product for review, I will not ship it back after the review, nor will I use it as the giveaway or contest item for any winner unless mutually agreed upon, it is mine to keep. Prizes must be shipped direct to the winner from your company, I apologize but I do not ship the prize item to the winner.
I follow and abide by all FTC and Facebook/Twitter Laws and Requirements, and I  blog with integrity. I give my honest opinion even if it is a negative one.
 I prefer to give a review that allows me to offer my readers (prizes) giveaways, but do not require it although I must be sent the product to be reviewed and I will not ship it back it is mine to keep, if you would also like a giveaway with your review please let me know. I can incorporate pictures,videos,and a link to your webpage, just let me know if you would like any of those features with the review.  I email all winners and they have 48 hours to respond, if there is no response I will draw a new winner,  I use to select winners to keep the giveaway fair. I use Raffelcopter for all giveaways. As part of my review agreement, the sponsor agrees to ship product/prize directly to the winner. I will provide the sponser with the winners information. I ask that unless otherwise agreed upon that you send the product (prize) directly to the winner(s) within 2-3 weeks but no longer than 4 weeks please. I hold no liability for winnings that are lost, stolen or defective. Prizing items are the sole responsibility of the giveaway sponsor. *I reserve the right to decline any review that is not suitable for my family , I do not anticipate that happening but I would just like to add that to this info.
 Below in bold You will find a list of "stats", I started this blog in July of 2012 but I haven't really started reviewing products until now. I anticipate lots of followers as soon as I host more reviews and giveaways.
                                                 Thank you for considering my blog for your review/giveaway.

MY STATS: Most of these accounts were made upon setting up my blog, some are even newer, including a new Facebook page made (made on 12/1/2012) specifically for blog purposes only.
Started blog 7/26/12
  • Google friend connect-(as of 12/10/12) 46 followers
  • Network blog followers (as of 12/10/12)-10 followers
  • Facebook (my personal page which I will also post the giveaway on as a extra incentive)-friends 304(as of 12/10/12) with new friend request daily  My facebook link
  • Life at the zoo fan page New as of December 2012 -32 followers  Life at the Zoo Facebook link
  • Twitter followers My Twitter Link -633 followers (as of 12/10/12)(fairly new and multiple followers daily)
  • Linky followers-8 followers (as of 8/12/12)
I also have accounts with followers on:

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