Poised for Confidence (and a Chance To Win a $250 Visa Gift Card)

 I feel most confident when I complete a goal I have been working toward. Two years ago I tipped the scale weighing over 330 pounds. I always said I was gonna lose weight when I was ready to do so and then one day I went to the doctor and seen a diagnoses of obese and was on medication for high blood pressure.Well That was it for me I set out to lose weight and to get rid of the high blood pressure. I started watching what I ate and logged every piece of food I ate, after a couple of weeks I started to gain more energy than I can ever remember. That's when I was energetic enough to incorporate a exercise routine of 30 minutes a day. After a year steady of doing this I lost a total of 130 pounds. I was finally confident and I still am!  When do you feel confident?
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