I love make- up, always have. My mother used to wear make- up and I got my love of make-up from her. As a woman I feel it makes me feel "pretty" even know I know I am without it, but I feel it accentuates my natural beauty. My girls mimic a lot of what I do, including wanting to wear my make up, but unfortunately my girls do not know how to apply make- up lightly enough so you can't tell they are wearing it. A lot like most girls their age they look like clowns because they apply TOO MUCH, so I have to explain to them over and over that they have put too much on and that I prefer they do not wear real make up now. I like Little cosmetics because it has the look and feel of REAL make-up but its not real make up. How awesome is that? I do not condone little girls wearing real make up but when my girls play dress up they like to mimic mommy when she dresses up, so I think this is the perfect product for pretend play.

  Head over to in my opinion... blog and enter to win this awesome pretend make up for the little girl in your  life.

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