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 Disney tv shows

Every afternoon I get on my computer, my 7 year old daughter watches her Disney shows on television. As I am entering sweepstakes, blogging or on a social network on my computer, I get to "hear" the shows(can't watch too much because I am focused on my computer). I have to say they all get a thumbs up from my daughter who watches Disney 90% of the time. But the shows also get a thumbs up from a mom who is not too big on television herself. I personally love the show Good Luck Charlie, not only is the show absolutely funny it reminds me of how our house can be with a mom,dad and 5 siblings( I have 5 children). I will buy anything Disney because my view on Disney is the programs are really kid friendly and they seem "realistic" in nature. Way to go Disney You will always have fans here for life!

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