Kids are Back to School

The kids have been waiting all week for this day to happen and I was a bit excited too ;) I anticipated a hectic morning seeing it was the first day back to school and all but It wasn't too bad. I have 5 children ages 5-12 all of them are in school but because of the programs the kids are in they go to different schools. I have 5 kids, 3 different schools, 3 different buses! That's where I thought uh oh this is gonna be a headache. Four kids start school at the same time one starts a hour and a half earlier than the other 4, talk about confusion. Any who I kinda have the timing down and bus thing figured out but my son who starts school earlier than the others left 45 minutes after the other kids headed off to their school bus! His bus driver told me he got lost and past our street Six times. I told him no biggie(although I got transferred to 3 different bus company's on the phone trying to figure out where he was lol ) and off to school he went. All in all it turned out okay, except when the bus bring my 3 home (they ride the same bus together) the kids were a hour and a half late, I'm hoping she gets the route down soon so my kids aren't stuck on the bus that long. Here's some pics and Yes all my kids have to wear uniforms to school (I have mixed feelings about that, but that's for another post)

Age 12

Age 9

Age 5

age 10

Age 7

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