Back doing Sweeps again and why I stopped before

Bear with me as this is my very FIRST blog post. So I want to back track a little bit, My hubby has a desktop computer and about a year ago I started entering "sweeps" on his computer and I really enjoyed it. The thought of winning is exciting. I was doing pretty good, winning at least three to four times a week nothing to expensive or big But I was winning. And then after about six months or so into my sweeping his computer slowed down dramatically, I went from entering 100-150 sweeps a day to probably about 5 or 6 a day because his computer was taking so dang long to load. I eventually "gave up" sweeping  and figured as long as I didn't own my own computer sweeping is useless, it caused more headaches and frustrations than it was worth. I missed it a lot and when asked what my favorite things to do are, sweeping is the first thing that comes to mind. Fast forward to about a week ago my mom, sister and brother and myself went to lunch and my mom started to show me her brand new fancy laptop, oh my gosh it was beautiful and I thought to myself, only if I could own one of those! I said "Mom I want a computer!" like the big kid I am lol she told me to go buy one ha that won't happen I have 5 children and there needs always come before mine. But my graceful sister offered me her desktop she had in storage. Again I thought Oh my gosh I can do my sweeps again! I know I can be a geek at times but this is what makes me happy I love sweeping and My kids love to see me win and of course claim the prizes I win ha, but this is what makes me feel good like how others love their football, music, etc. this is my HOBBY!
Oh and btw the reason hubby's computer is so slow, it lacks RAM.

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